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Women’s House is turning 40

In 1975 Queensland women came together to start the second women’s shelter in Australia – Women’s House. For four decades these and many more women fought to keep this space open for women surviving domestic and sexual violence. In November 2015 Women’s House will be celebrating the herstory of this place and the women that […]

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Thelma Plum

Thelma Plum, (daughter of Women’s House :)) is playing at the Old Museum, in Brisbane, on the 13th of July 2013 Tickets are only $12 online

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Stop violence rally in Brisbane

Passive voices and men’s violence against women

This article by Anna Greer, while not new, is important and extremely relevant. She writes about how media reporting disappears men’s responsibility for their violence against women and reinforces the idea that women are somehow culpable in their own abuse. Have you noticed how hardly anyone is game enough to talk about men’s violence against […]

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Slutwalk Melbourne

“Gender” inequality and sexual violence

This is a great piece of research by a 2013 sociology class, about rape and inequality between the sexes. The students asked men and women what they do to protect themselves from sexual violence..

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Women, Action and the Media

Sick of Facebook removing images of women breast-feeding, while tolerating a plethora of pages condoning or promoting violence against women? Women, Action and the Media have started a campaign to try to get Facebook to remove misogynist content

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Feminism is the cure

Who is doing what to whom and with what impact?

This is an awesome clip of a presentation Ellen Pence did in 2010. She critiques the use of risk assessment tools (at around the 40 min mark) and speaks with humour and great clarity about our understanding of violence and who is doing what to whom and with what impact.    

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Violence Against Women: An inconvenient reality

Queensland Conference 7-9 August 2012 “One in three Australian women have experienced physical violence since the age of 15. Almost one in five have experienced sexual violence. It’s time for that to change” (National Plan to Reduce Violence against Women and their Children). The Australian Government recently released the first ever National Plan to Reduce […]

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An Evening of Solidarity with the Women of East Timor August 6 2012

Maria ‘Mery’ Barreto, the Executive Director of Fokupers – an NGO working with survivors of domestic and sexual violence in Timor Leste is coming to Brisbane! Mery will be attending the Violence Against Women Conference, but won’t be speaking. This is an opportunity to come and hear her speak about her work and the issues […]

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