About Women’s House

A Short Introduction to Women’s House

stand tall graffitiWomen’s House is a community based non-government organisation, situated in Woolloongabba, Brisbane. Our offices are publicly accessible to all women in the community, and are open 9.30am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday.

As an organisation, Women’s House was incorporated in 1975 as Women’s Community Aid Association (Qld) Ltd. (Link to Herstory page)

We offer a variety of services and facilities for women:

  • Practical and emotional support over the phone or by appointment
  • Support/action groups
  • Education and Training – for community groups and agencies
  • Free access to computers with internet facilities, photocopier, phones, and a library.

  • Women’s meeting spaces.
  • Information and referral
  • Assistance and advocacy when accessing accommodation, protection orders, court support, Centrelink, Legal advice
  • Social activities


Women’s House auspices two service organisations;

both are both concerned with violence against women:

  • BRISSC provides information, support and referral for women who have experienced sexual violence and the people who support them, facilitates support groups and provides education and training to the wider community about sexual violence.
  • Women’s House – Shelta is a service that provides support for women and children who have experienced domestic or family violence.


Women’s House, as the umbrella organisation for the two services, has the following unique characteristics:

  • It is a service for women only, and it is managed and staffed by women.
  • It is a women’s only space; i.e. the Women’s House premises are accessed only by women…….. We believe that this gives women who may have experienced sexual or family violence an opportunity to feel safe and supported without the intimidating presence of men.
  • Our service delivery and policies are based on feminist principles.
  • All levels of the organisation are operated on Collective principles; i.e. we believe in equality and in non-hierarchical structures (for more information on this, see LINK???
  • We believe that women are experts in their own lives. We believe that we must listen to what women say as they have the most knowledge about themselves and about what has happened to them. We do not see ourselves as “experts” who can tell women how to behave or what to do.
  • Our service delivery offers support rather than professional advice or therapy and we believe that the women who request our services are not sick. Rather they have been adversely affected and violated by a patriarchal system that condones sexual and physical violence as a method of controlling women